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Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it Snow.....

Snow Day Buck

With the arrival of the first significant snow of the year in the coastal and low land areas....most river flow levels have pulled into the great shape.  I have always enjoyed fishing in the is amazing how bright the world seems and how quiet the world becomes.

With the arrival of the bad weather, only the most dedicated and hearty of anglers make their way to the river.  The lack of fishing traffic in concert with the beautiful view, makes this one of my favorite times to get out on the water.  The addition of this nice sized hatchery brat for dinner just adds to the day.

Fishing is currently steady....not great but definitely not bad and worth the effort if your ready and willing to brave the drive and the weather.  Some really important things to remember when heading out in these conditions....other than the super obvious (dressing warm) are things we have learned through trial and error through years of being on the water.....
  • Cover your boat or raft during transport or it will be covered with road grime, if you dont have a cover...bring a bucket and brush to "wash and rinse" before getting started.
  • Leave early and drive slow....nothings worse that crashing on the way to go fishing and destroying your boat also.
  • If you have always wanted to be really tall:  walk in the snow in your felt wading boots and you will be NBA power forward height before you know it.  The new stream tread boots are cool just for this very thing.
  • Remember a second hat and extra gloves.  Someone will forget to bring one and you will save their day by having them.
  • Add silicone floatant to your guides.  This helps with icing up and casting in cold weather.
  • Remember those cool little beach shovels we used as kids?  Keep one under the seat for removing accumulations of snow from seats and benches.  In a pinch you can cut a plastic water bottle for this very thing.
  • Amber or Rose colored polarized glasses, to add depth and definition in flat light conditions.
  • Remember to stack or hang your anchor rope out of any water on the floor of your boat....paying out frozen rope through a floor release system is awful and sometimes freezes in the assembly.
We have some days open this week as a result of the weather, so feel free to track us down if your interested in fishing.

Tight lines and Happy Fishing,


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