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Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to Twin Bridges

Evening Sunsets at the Cabin

For the last five years I have been planning to spend some time fishing in Twin Bridges, MT with old friend and guide Joe Willauer.  I have been fortunate through the years to make it to the land of the big sky to fish but had yet to make it to Twin Bridges/ Dillon area.  Home of the Beaver Head, Big Hole, Jefferson, and Madison rivers....the confluence of fishing opportunity(s) truly sets this area apart from any other place I have been before.

I met Joe nearly 13 years ago while working at the evening hatch in Ellensberg, WA and in that time has turned into one of the best fishing guides I have had the pleasure of working with.  Quick with a smile and joke and some serious fish mojo its easy to see why he is so successful on the water.  It was awesome to get the chance to spend the day on the water and get caught up on the all the years that had passed by.  Now on the edge of 30 with a new career, managing Evo Anglers (  and baby it has been amazing watching Joe's success and accomplishments.

Me with an average brown 
We fished a middle lower section of the Beaverhead river and had nearly 12 miles all to our selves.  We fished drys with occasional droppers to large browns and enjoyed great fishing.  As a kid cut his teeth guiding the Yakima river and salmon and steelhead....floating down a lazy drift with tons of large browns was a serious shift in my trout fishing perception.
fish on
Warm temps and low water levels had many of the rivers closed to protect the fish and resource.  Again with some many places to choose from...there are always options.  We spent the majority of the time fishing the "Beav" but also made forays to the Madison river and upper Big Hole.  

It was the Montana Vacation I had been dreaming and only missing my best fishing partner Teresa....

If your going to Montana....seriously consider Twin Bridges and take the time to fish all the rivers you can get into.....Joe can be reached though his blog at

Team Jergens with a healthy brown!

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