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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Fisher and Gentlemen

Tom with a beauty Coho
I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Tom from the great state of West Virginia fishing for steel and whatever else would bite.  While the steel head angling was a little off, the record number of Chinook in rivers made for some amazing fishing on the fly. 
Hooked up
Tom is the quintessential self made man with a long and distinguished career in multiple areas of endeavor.  An avid Elk hunter by preference, I was happy to share the water with Tom and we ran into a some willing players on the river.  The odd year has millions of pinks flooding into the rivers of Puget sound and anglers of all types are crowded along the shorelines.  We took the opportunity to get away and fish far from the crowds and humpy's.  Our reward was some solitude and great fishing.

15 foot type 6 sink tips and lightly weighted streamers were all that were needed for the day, and the swing was far more productive than strip and retrieve or nymphing. 

With the fall upon us the major push of coho and Chinook is wrapping up...chum salmon will run strong well into the November....and hatchery brat steelhead are just around the corner.


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