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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fall back fish

As December rolls on and the annual steel head fever begins to set in......the importance of fall back fish should not be over looked. 

In the early years of angling and guiding....those years before all the information you may be looking for was on posted somewhere on the Internet.  You had to read books and articles written by anglers/authors to provide in site on locations and approach and then apply that knowledge on the water. 

Years ago a close family friend and mentor gave me his old Steve Raymond books.  So much of what and how I fished was gleaned from the stories in the chapters of those books.  One story that really hit home with me was titled "Fall Back Fish".  In general this referred to fall cutt throat and the abundance in Puget Sound and local rivers....but the premise of always appreciating the chance to pursue a fish with the fly is what has stuck with me for all these years. 

Chum Buddy

Good friend Scott and I snuck out to see if any early winter fish were in.  In between bouts of frozen guides and fingers....we happened into the some willing players....far from the chrome elegance of a fresh winter run, this chum salmon is the epitome of the "fall back fish".  Hard fighting and willing taker of a fly....these fish provided some excitement on what was really a quiet day in the water.  


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