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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fishing....."Winter Rules"

hooked up again
Jules with a Gator!
 With the arrival of cold weather and snow it is safe to say that Winter Steel head season is upon us.  Much has changed over the years in regards to the pursuit of these magic beasts of the rain forest.  Dropping wild fish numbers throughout the region have prompted wide spread river closures forcing anglers into a handful of open drainage(s).  The increase in anglers has transformed the sport as much as it has changed the small towns that host some of the most prized steel head water in the state.  In a twist of is this increase of angler interest ie: pressure that may ultimately save these fish from extinction.  The new generation of angler has been raised in an environment of catch and release and conservation.

Reece with a slab
This season we will be offering day trips on the upper section(s) of the Wynoochee river.  Access to these sections of the river has been limited in recent years so I am grateful at the opportunity to offer guide trips in an area so close to home.  This also allows for a steel head trip to a remote semi-private portion of the river within an easy day trip from Puget Sound.   Limited access also means reduced angling pressure.  With the big rains and high water of October and November, there should be a fair number of fish in the system already.  The early part of the season with the shorter days consists of fishing on the move and covering water.  Nymphing is the general approach, but we can accommodate light spin anglers as well.  As the season moves into February and March, the opportunity to post up in some runs and swing fly's becomes more available with longer days and slightly warmer water temps
Mason and Kyle

We will be offering weekday and weekend trips beginning December 17th.  Weekday availability through January is filling up quickly, but we do have a some weekends available on the calendar.  Email me with inquiries at:

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