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Monday, February 27, 2012

New name but same ole faces....

After a brief hiatus from the river and after a middle school drama exhibit that would rival the exploits in the movie "mean girls"  Both Craig and I are back in the saddle and up and running with a new name:

Sweet Water Anglers:

The story of the name change is best explained on the river or among friends but the basics of the issue were as follows:
We opened our figurative doors as superfly anglers with an accompanying web site called "Angling Superfly"  we had purchased and reserved both domains and chose to use the first based solely on the letter of the alphabet it started with.  After a month of being on the water....we received a message from a "human" that we were infringing on his business name, so after series of spirited emails and discussions we came away with the following:
  • I really love fishing more than conducting the business of fishing
  • Profane emails make the author who wrote them looked like and idiot
  • People generally like and enjoy a good fight, either out of boredom or stupidity
  • When I am near 50 years old, I hope to write and communicate better that when I was 15.
  • and I like the name sweetwater better any way
Things that were left unclear were the following:
  • how many salmon equal a hot lunch....
  • The definition of....."well it's on now!".  My kids told me it's from a movie about break dancing, but Im not sure how much break dancing this guy does. 
All joking aside....Both Craig and I are glad to back to fishing and guiding and not this other garbage.

We are pleased to announce Sweetwater Anglers....

Tight lines and good fishing

Gus and Craig

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