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Monday, August 6, 2012

The summer rambles on

Teresa with a westsider
 The summer rolls on and with the arrival of some warm weather the waders and spring fleece have been put away for the summer...or at least 3 weeks of it.

This last month has been a blur of fishing/guide days and road miles traveled up and down the coast and I have had the pleasure of fishing with some amazing people along the way. 

The west side trout fishing is holding it's own and we have been having good to great days on the cutts fishing traditional techniques.  Single hand rod swing with buggers has been the big producer lately.  After a decade of fishing trout in other water sheds and the watching the number of anglers grow and fish populations shrink it is amazingly refreshing to guide with a small box of streamers and dry flies and having it all covered for the day.

Don't get me wrong....I am a fan of fishing.  I enjoy the chase and the feeling of gratification when you figure it out.  But there are those moments of your childhood when the fishing was really good and the catching was equal to your level of effort. 

"Death Wish" and "Guns" on River

Resident Big Dog

As the summer rolls on we can expect the dry fly to play a bigger role in our days.  As summer stones and October caddis begin to make up a large portion of the resident fish diet, we will enjoy that magic fishing of late summer early fall...big dries and big fish.  Stay tuned as we well be on the water much of the month of August and September.

Forks,WA is more often thought of in the steel head and salmon world but it must be said that some of the finest trout fishing I have ever been part of has been on the fabled steel head waters of the coast.  The winter crowds are gone for the summer and whats left are gorgeous waters with almost no one around.  The numbers and size of the trout will only get better as we get more salmon in the river.....

River Cutie Pie...with dead meat

One of the benefits of trout fishing in a place with salmon and steel head is the opportunity to catch a few chromers while your out.  Teresa had the magic touch and managed to wrangle in a few over the past few days.We have been carrying a few gear rods with us on every trip and fishing for coho in likely water, the chance to do a little of both is always a nice way to spend the day.

We will be on the water over the next 2 weeks and will send updates when we get back home.  Stay tuned for some new reports from other new waters as best bud and partner Craig has procured a new toy that promises to open up some new waters.

Tight lines:

Gus Garcia

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