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Monday, July 16, 2012

Home Water

With the arrival of summer (finally) we have been out on the water….our home water. 

What is home water?  Some would say that it is the waters closest to you…while others may say it is the places that you are the most familiar with.  Maybe home water is where you started fishing and/or  guiding….no matter how you look at it, we all have a water and locations we call home.  Like many guides and fishermen in the northwest, I have many places that I have called home.  I cut my teeth in the early days rowing and guiding the Yakima with the Evening Hatch.  Some years later I spent nearly all of my time in Forks, WA.  Fishing and guiding with some of my best friends on the earth…(Chris Senyohl and Gordy Gracey).   The discussion and definition of home water may take more thought and input in later posts….but for now we have lots of home(s) and lots of places I love to fish.
Happy westside trout

We have been working the river waters of the west side lately fishing primarily trout and steelhead but as the summer pushes on we have seen some early salmon in the river.  The rivers of Grays Harbor are greatly under estimated trout fisheries and most if not all boast solid number of fish.  With the winter behind us, the large crowds that usually fish these river are off to other things so traffic has been minimal…many days with no other boats on the water.  The tactics have been beautifully simple….streamers in likely holding water…both swung and stripped and large dries on the move along the banks and buckets with any depth. 

We will be fishing these waters through the summer...we will also be out and about on the Yakima and Forks....

Tight lines,


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