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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another winter in the books and trout on the brain

The winter steelhead season has officially come to a close today and I was fortunate enough to get 4 days on the river  just before the deadline and experience the best that Steelhead fishing has to offer.  No crowds of first and second year Patagonia clad guides staged in every run, pool and riffle.

Fishing in the long shadows of the season allowed for those days of solitude fishing....the kind that Zane Grey wrote about.  Far from the articles in the new generation steelhead magazines, away from the prying eyes of the environmental coalitions, or the competitive first water rowing competition of the new guides and anglers. 

The fishing was great the catching was average.....but we hooked fish everyday and for 2 days, we didn't see another angler on the water.  As the season came to an end...we had one last solitary day on a favorite river.  We hooked 4 bright fish....landed none and received a sun burn for our efforts.  It was as perfect a day that could be imagined....missing only my favorite fishing partner (Teresa).   The day was a gift from above for which I am thankful and a right and proper way to bring in my 40th year.

This spring is full of promise, I cannot remember a year in recent memory that I was so anxious for the trout season.  With Steehead officially "closed" I can now turn my full attention to river residents...I am sure it has something to do with the length and intensity of this recent winter.

Thanks to all who made it to the river with us this last is appreciated and we hope we earned an opportunity to fish with you again.

We are kicking off the trout season on the yakima.... water and weather permitting this weekend.  A summary of the coming months events reads like a traveling road home water on the Yakima....Isaacs Ranch the weekend of the 12th....reel fly gals the 19th and 20th.  

Hope to see you all on the water soon....

Tight lines


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