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Friday, August 24, 2012

A gentlemens group on the River

From the land of the British Isle and over the pond to the Pacific Northwest:

Coach John

I have always felt that every day spent on the river is time well spent.  Occasionally you do have those days that are better than others for a variety of reasons. 

Call it a mix of great company, great fishing and day filled with belly laughs, the trifecta of these made for one of the most memorable days for me in many years and for all the right reasons.

This band of English Bandits has been friends for over 50 years and after a childhood of fishing reservoirs for trout, chubs and carp together, the opportunity to spend the day together on a big western river chasing wild fish was just what they were looking for.  Comprised of an English Soccer coach, a world traveling English poet, and last but not least the English entrepreneur, they all took to the fly rod and "American" approach of dry fly fishing on the move with ease.

Phillip, Ian and Coach John

Between the endless banter, discussions of world politics and an education on the importance of good scotch, we even managed to fish some.

The company on the river was great, the fishing followed in kind and we had willing fish up to the fly from beginning of the day to the end.

Lessons Learned from the day:
  • Friends are one of the most important things we have on Earth....
  • Fishing is cool no matter what country your in or what continent our on
  • English Scotch is good

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