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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Future Fishing Guide

The future fish slayer 
fish on for the fish machine
Charlie and I met last winter while having dinner at a local restaurant and struck up a conversation about fishing.  He told me about the his boys especially his youngest boy who is totally crazy about fishing......with the odd year coming and few million salmon making their way back to many Puget Sound rivers we agreed to touch base with each other in the fall.

What I did not expect was to meet this little shaver....3 feet of full tilt fishing machine!  At 5 years old "fish machine" has been bitten with fishing bug.  I fear the day for all the fish in world when this little dude gets his drivers license and makes his way to waters edge on his own terms.

We hooked Pinks and Chinook and generally had a great time....and I am convinced that I witnessed the birth of future fishing guide....

Fishing will only continue to get better as the month rolls on...most things pink and weighted will catch fish.  I am always happy to see the humpy run every other year.  It helps me remember the fishing that we all did as kids when it felt like you could catch fish on nearly every cast.

We have some openings the remainder of September and as we move into the month of October I will be in Forks.  If you looking to book a date shoot us a message at (

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