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Monday, April 22, 2013

Another year in the books

Through the years I have always used my birthday as the finish line for the end of the winter steel head season.  A time to begin breaking out the trout gear and as the lake opener draws near ....and as I welcome in my 40-something years it goes with out saying how amazing of a blessing it is to be allowed to chase wild things in beautiful places.

Good friend and fellow guide Aaron O'leary recently tied the knot with long time sweetheart Ravae this winter and the invite to the wedding was much appreciated.  It was through this special event that I had the chance to get caught up with old friend Jeff Brazda and after a few cocktails and laughter over the good old days of living on the cheap in state parks and good grace of Kim and Gordy, Jeff was kind enough to offer some additional days with his guide crew in Forks. 

Fortunately, and old dog can learn some new tricks and the opportunity to work with Jeff and Aaron opened my eyes to some new ways of doing things.  Talking fishing and guiding with Nate helped me remember that there are very few substitutes for hard work on the water and watching the youthful exuberance of Andy helped me to remember that guiding fishing above all just plain fun.

Ross Hansard

The season was more like the ones I remembered from year past, when fishing hard for few hookups was more the reality than the all out slug fest and steel head derby the more recent years have been.  Maybe it's the natural cycle of things or the added pressure of the all the additional anglers on the water....maybe a combination of the two but the returns were not as strong as in recent years.

This season I was really fortunate to have some amazing people come out to fish this year and I am so appreciative of the opportunity to get to guide fly anglers for the most noble of fresh water fish in the North West.  My last trip of the year was with 2 gentlemen from Colorado.....both accomplished anglers and with a great outlook on life and fishing.  We fished hard over 2 days and had fish on everyday....just not many to hand....either way the weather was generally good and the fish were around. 

With the long shadows of the winter season behind us....I am once again looking forward to the warm days of summer.  Thanks again for all who made it out this year....especially you Robbi....I owe you a fish and promise to make that happen in the near future.

Tight lines!


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