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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and 2011 recap

We at Superfly Angling wanted to wish all of our friends and family and the folks that came out and fished with us this year a very Happy New Year.

The turn of the new year brings with it the promise of new angling and hunting adventures and a host of new opportunities to achieve some of those goals that we have set for ourselves.  For you, it may be that first winter steelhead on the fly, or perhaps a fish over 15 pounds on the the fly....or a secret or treasured destination to trout fish.

I have always found it beneficial to recap the year, to take a moment to reflect on the trips taken, the fish caught, the fish lost.....places seen.  These are a few of the moments that made 2011 special for me.

  • Teresa....first and very large wild steelhead hooked and landed on a Peninsula River.  This was her first steelhead to hand and on the fly.  After a back and forth battle we were able to put a net under her fish and take the picture of a lifetime.
  • Shotguns and fishing rods in the same boat....and the confusion of: "Should I fish this water or shoot that duck?" 
  • Spring time fishing on the Yakima river.  With the incredible run-off we had, the springtime fishery was as challenging and fun as I have ever remembered.  The chance to fish with best buddy Craig and chuck "Gigante" streamers for some really quality trout was awesome.  Last year on the Yakima was one of the better years for larger fish.  I have always subscibed to the cyclical nature of eco-systems and it just seemed like we were primed for a big fish year.
  • Spending time in the land of the vampire with Kim, Gordon and Bob.  Morning bird hunts and afternoon floats are always great.  Not to mention the refuge hunting out front of the house for evening green heads.
  • Taking the time to rediscover the trout streams of my childhood and finding that they are still as great as ever.  In the ever evolving technical trout game it is absolutely refreshing to be able to fish with one rod with a dry line and swing streamers and throw dries ALL DAY and hammer fish.
  • The "Reel Fly Girls".  Thanks so much for the opportunity to fish with you all and we are looking forward to fishing with you all again.
  • The Tilton Crew.  Thanks were great.
  • 4 Weight fly rods and salmon......way more fun than any grown up should be able to have with out getting in trouble
  • PiNKS 2011!  I love seeing these little guys in the rivers and sound.  They hold the promise of what fishing could be for all other salmon if we net less and stop trying to manage nature.
  • Westside steelhead on 5 wt fly rods.....the BIIx was awesome....thanks to Winston and Jon for the support guys.  It is appreciated.
  • Thanksgiving Steelhead!  You've got to love that dirty water....I have yet to go a year without being asked "does that fly rod thing really work?".
  • The Gibby day on the water.....super low water and super cold flows and we still managed to get it done and get one to hand.
  • The rediscovery of the love of fishing.....after all these years I still dream of water and fishing. 
Once again.....thanks to all for the amazing year.  Here's looking forward to 2012 and another amazing year.

Happy New Year and Tight Lines

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